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Build strength, power and endurance.

Let me meet you where you are right NOW

removing any confusion or anxiety, to revolutionise your postnatal body to handle high impact.



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In 'The Bible' we discuss subjects which are often not addressed in relation to mums & running. Such as abdominal Separation, Prolapse and incontinence, leaving you equipped to run with confidence.


A complete guide offering a retraining phase for very early postnatal, scaling to more challenging exercises for seasoned mums. Using specific exercises to enhance your runs, designed to meet your body where it is right now.


From zero kilometres, all the way to a half marathon, we have the distance covered! It is broken down into 3 simple to understand categories from the complete beginner to a more advanced runner,


To run to the best of your ability it is so important to fill your body with the right food at the right times. In our guide we provide you with recipes and info so you enter your runs adequately fuelled.


You're never on your own!
Rach always has your back and is there to guide you, cheer you on and get you to the finish line! All via our interactive Facebook
Group page.


Rach teams up with a number of trusted health pros who all specialise in women's health, so you are in safe hands!
We are much more than just fitness.


  • Reduce or eliminate common running problems such as calf, knee & hip issues for pain free running.

  • Manage or prevent bladder leakage and talk openly about feelings of frustration and embarrassment to run confidently.

  • Address abdominal separation, causing the 'mummy pouch' and back pain to run with a strong core unit.

  • Remove the fear of running with pelvic floor problems or prolapse and gain clarity on what your body is capable of. 


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As soon as I was given the all clear to exercise at my 6 week check I returned to running. Little did I know at the time return to exercise didn't mean return to running. Unfortunately for me I wasn't armed with information to understand that it should actually be a gradual process.

Before having my daughter, I ran a lot. I always say it is my meditation, a way to clear my head and gain mental clarity. It is my go to when things get hard because after a run I know the feeling it then brings. So no wonder this is where I turned after becoming a mum. Being a mum is hard.


It's been a rough road of incontinence, pelvic floor dysfunction and prolapse. I've come a long way since then though and am here to coach you to return to run so you don't have to suffer. Only 5 years after having my daughter has my running mojo come back! I have so many awesome memories running marathons and triathlons 'pre-baby'. 

As well as being an eager runner, I am a Certified Personal Trainer, Postnatal Specialist & Wellness Practitioner. I commit to continuing my education within the Fitness Industry, upholding this standard as a Fitness Australia member and 'mum safe' trainer with Body Beyond Baby.

With all of our programs we are so confident you will love them, if after 28 days you are not happy, we guarantee your money back!
You really have nothing to lose but
everything to gain!

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Nadine Kraut

As an avid runner pre-baby, and always having been very sporty at quite a competitive level throughout life, I was very keen to get back to my running as soon as possible post Bub, so it was quite natural to sign up with Rach and her program. Her program not only helped me get my running fitness back safely but it incorporated a lot more resistance and strength than I ever did before and it really helped accelerate getting my fitness back as well as staying pain and injury free. I highly recommend you sign up to the program to ensure you return to running safely after having a baby and as an added bonus join a fabulous community of like-minded other women!

Amy Stuth

I love the knowledge that Rachel has when it comes to running and building strength which is so important for a good running technique and being able to stay in the sport without injury. Rachel helped me so much in understanding the correct strength based exercises to do to help support my running. I learnt that single leg training helps to correct any weakness that you are not aware of. I can highly recommend this program as someone who has come from a running background but no real idea of how best to put running and strength training together.

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Running Shoes

Frequently Asked Questions

In Collaboration with 

Accredited Practising Dietitian

Kay Holmes

Also a Mum of two primary school boys, who loves to cook and eating delicious food with family and friends. Over the past five years Kay has enjoyed sharing her nutrition knowledge with clients to empower them to plan, prepare and cook tasty budget friendly meals and foster healthy relationships with food.

Better still Kay loves to run, completing her first ultramarathon last year. When I approached her to collaborate with Mamas Journeys on this program, she was really excited to share some of the meals and snacks her family enjoys to fuel their healthy active lifestyle.



What you get...

  • Retraining phase strength program

  • Specific running scalable strength sessions

  • Running charts for distanced based goals = 5km, 10km & 21km

  • Nutritional education 

  • Example Meal Plan with 15+ recipes

  • Facebook Community 

What this means for you...

  • Relieve back, hip & knee pain

  • Stop bladder leakage

  • No more 'mummy pouch'

  • Manage pelvic floor symptoms and prolapse

  • More energy less depletion

  • 24/7 support from a Postnatal Coach

Get stronger, fitter and run with JOY!



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