Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Recently I’ve noticed an influx of #body shape before and after photos popping up everywhere, and it’s hard to ignore the pressure media places on us all. The constant barrage of slim bodies that have seemingly changed overnight, can have varying effects on the viewer. Another person’s transformation can either motivate you or dissuade you from obtaining the same outcome, because you don’t believe it is achievable – but it is. As the doubt creeps in, you begin to ask yourself questions, like: ‘Where do I find the time, or energy to work out?’ This is where I stop you, now take a deep breath and relax.

Post pregnancy is no joke, and a lot has changed on the outside of our bodies, but it’s the inside we need to focus on first. I am so passionate about women’s health and creating a greater awareness for your journey back into health and fitness. It all begins with your mindset and adjusting your perception of what you can and can’t do post-pregnancy. Forget the glorified photos you see on social media, I’m discussing long term plans to not only get you back into shape, but to do it safely.

This is me on the right, 7 months postnatal. Little do you know looking at this photo, I was suffering from pelvic pain, back ache, incontinence and an undiagnosed pro-lapse.

There is no denying that motherhood comes with a lot of challenges and staying motivated for exercise is a big one. After enduring the process of pregnancy and then giving birth, I think every woman should be given the title of ‘Wonder Woman,’ because that is what we are. We should use all the emotional and physical pain/strains/changes we go through as fuel to make us stronger – because you are stronger. Hold up Rach, how am I stronger? I just feel tired all the time, and my body is a mess… Ok, this is where we change that mindset. Although you don’t feel it right now your mind is stronger than before, and I need you to acknowledge that as the first step. ​Once you begin to feel this strength, we can then rebuild your body from the inside out. This is a gradual process and may take some time, as you need to listen to your body while practicing the techniques that I show you. Where we have a focus on pelvic floor and deep tummy activations, along with stabilising glute and back techniques. After learning these exercises and practicing them myself, I can safely say that I no longer pee myself! Yeeeeeeew! (Refer to my previous blog post 'We all learn the hard way'). Plus no more back ache or pelvic pain and my #prolapse is controlled. So ladies it is possible! I have been my own case study and it freaking excites me that practicing what we preach really does work! 

It has been 9 months since Mamas Journeys was born (seems rather fitting). I get the typical questions regarding what makes us different to other exercise establishments. The answer is in the name: ‘Journeys’. A journey is something that you can’t complete in a day, a week or even a month, it’s something that can take a lifetime. My programs are designed to be safe, fun, and make you sweat. Mamas Journeys is here for as long as my Mums need me, and however long it may take them on their journey back to feeling great about themselves. There is no right or wrong time to return to exercise, you have to do what is best for you and your family, take your time, enjoy what Motherhood has to offer. Just don't forget that YOU matter too.

Yours in health, connection & happiness,

Rach xxx

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