Updated: Dec 11, 2020

As I sat on the plane travelling from Brisbane to Sydney for work this week, an array of mixed emotions came flooding to me.  I couldn't help but wonder how many Mums feel the way I do. This is the first time I have been any great distance away from my baby girl, bringing a combination of sadness, excitement, worry and not to mention anxiety, that rears its ugly head.

Before becoming a Mum I used to travel for work frequently as an Area Manager and on those plane rides would take the opportunity to sleep. Wow, if only I knew what super powers I was missing out on back then. The countless sleepless nights you encounter as a Mum and yet we still carry on. Here I am on a 7am flight, with the whole day ahead of me, feeling like I have already done a full day at work and think it is a good idea to start writing a blog. Good one Rach.

Looking out the plane window thinking

As I gazed out of the plane window, deep in thought, I wished I could switch my mind off. The number of women who have to return to work after having a baby, sooner than they would have liked, as financially it's not even an option to stay at home. The mums who wish they could return to work sooner, yet are unsure how to find that balance. The stay at home mums, who lock themselves in the bathroom, or hide in the pantry for a few minutes to cry because they don't want their little ones to see they can't cope. The countless day care drop offs, where it breaks your heart having to say goodbye.  

​​It's certainly not an easy ride, I've felt and done all of those things, yet am learning to fully appreciate everything Motherhood throws at us and I wouldn't change a thing. We are the luckiest people alive and have the best job in the world. Some women don't have the privilege to experience this and my heart truly goes out to them. ​The flight attendant announced our decent, meaning 'it's time to switch off all electronic equipment'. I'm hoping, if you have read this far - what I have said has related to you in some way. As a mum we are on a journey and it is up to us to find our own path. Whatever that looks like for you, that is ok! It takes time to adapt to be the new you and we will never stop learning. That is what Mamas Journeys is all about, we are more than just fitness. Connecting Mums, opening up, sharing our stories and speaking out. We have each other's back and create a place of belonging, friendship and overall wellbeing. 

Speaking of fitness however, I did take my exercise gear to Sydney, to go for a run, this is how I switch my head off and there is nothing better than discovering a different city on foot (even if I did get lost). It would have been an easy choice to have that extra hour in bed before heading to work, especially after having a few wines the evening prior, for our work dinner.  Although thinking how I would feel afterwards, releasing those happy hormones and making me more energised, motivated me to do it. Not to mention how often I get this opportunity at home, so I intended to make the most of it.

​We have one shot at this thing called life. There are always things or situations that we often overlook, day in, day out, the simple things in life. So if I am to leave you with one message after reading this, then it is to try and be aware of those things, appreciate those moments, be grateful for what we have. I am certainly grateful for having a job which allows me to travel, work alongside some amazing people, be a mum to a beautiful daughter and also pursue my passion with my own business, Mamas Journeys. We are capable of phenomenal things if we put our minds to it - giving birth says it all!

Yours in health, connection and happiness,

Rach xxx 

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