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As I scroll through my camera roll trying to find appropriate photos for my business social media posts, it made me stop and think. How many photos I had taken and not shared with anyone. How many more there would be if I had not deleted the ones where I didn’t like the way I looked. As our Mumsafe #nomoreprebabybody campaign comes to a close this week, if I’m honest, I still have some acceptance to do of my own. The truth is, there is no worse critic about ourselves than us. Period.

The phrase ‘your worth is not wrapped up in your body’, I would wholeheartedly agree with, it’s not. I lift weights to feel strong, not to make me look ‘toned’, I eat nutritious food because it gives me so much more energy, not to lose weight. Feeling worthy has nothing to do with how we view ourselves aesthetically. But here’s the thing: I know my worth yet still have Botox, filter my photos on occasion and I’ve also had a breast augmentation. This is where it makes me reflect more.

We all have our own gripes and issues with our body, what you see, is not what I see and visa versa. I’d say 9/10, no one cares what you look like because they are too worried about how they look themselves. My picture here, I see regrowth, wrinkly eyes, yellow teeth… I could go on. This is where I still fall into the trap. All we can do is challenge ourselves to try. Commit to think better, be better and do better, setting the best example for our kids to learn and grow.

Conditioning happens to us from a young age, think about it. From how we were brought up, the friend circles we had at school, just wanting to fit in, the tv shows we watched, constantly being exposed to pressure and social expectations. Nowadays this is on steroids with social media which means it is more important than ever as mothers that we set our kids up to feel beautiful on the inside, not just on the outside. Yet how can we do that, when we struggle ourselves? Our children don’t see us for how we look, they see us for what we do. Let’s take a leaf out of their book and see ourselves the same way because we do a lot! Our bodies are capable of so much and they are just absolutely incredible!

You know what though, it’s hard. Nothing is ever linear, we can go up and down with how we feel about ourselves. It doesn’t mean we have an unhealthy relationship with our body, it just means we are human, trying to do the best we can with what we have! No one is perfect.

Body image related topics aren’t something to bring up lightly, as it can get very deep. It’s like opening Pandora's box and such a simple plea as #donthidemamma with women that really struggle with their body may find this hard to digest. Please reach out to the below services if you need extra help.

So as our no more pre-baby body campaign comes to a close for this year I’d love to ask you to stand with me mama. Please don’t hide.

Yours in health, happiness and connection,

Rach xx

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