Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Working one job while trying to get your own business off the ground can have it’s challenges, although having a dream and being driven by a strong vision keeps you going. This was me 2 years ago facilitating a session at a Leadership conference, funnily enough the subject being 'finding your purpose'. In the break I was chatting to a colleague about Mamas Journeys. At this stage I was wearing many hats, Leadership Trainer one day, Personal Trainer and Business owner the next, adding in the role of being a Mum to a 1 year old, I often questioned how I could continue like this. Here I was sharing my current situation, and this is when Body Beyond Baby was recommended to me so off I went and did some research.   After learning some more it wasn’t long before I had enrolled in the ‘Safe Return to Exercise’ course ran by Body Beyond Baby founder Jen Dugard. I’m a believer everything happens for a reason and as soon as I met Jen, instantly felt connected and supported. Soon after I was introduced to the concept of becoming a Body Beyond Baby affiliate, where we all run our own branded Mum focused fitness businesses yet share the same mission to take care of Mums from the inside out.

At this stage Mamas Journeys was only a baby and had a lot of growing up to do! I was training Mums around my other work and I knew for it to develop I would need to be 100% committed. So in late 2018 I left my career in the travel industry to pursue my business and follow my passion.

​Running your own business can be lonely, especially when you are used to having a team around you. From the simple everyday questions or the long-term planning, sharing of ideas, asking advice or learning from each other. Like most things, you don’t realise how important such things are, until it’s gone. Being an affiliate of Body Beyond Baby instantly gives you that team! A group of like-minded individuals you can lean upon in all aspects of business, which is very reassuring, knowing wholeheartedly that you have each other’s back. Being so passionate about the cause and determined to make a mark in the fitness industry brings a level of excitement that you don’t have on your own. Collectively we are so much more and together we can make the biggest impact. We all believe this and genuinely care! ​ Not only does our team consist of fitness professionals, each affiliate works closely with Women’s Health Physios and I am so grateful Mamas Journeys gets to partner with Yummy Mummy Physio, Paula. 

Paula & myself celebrating at our end of term night out

“There is constantly a debate in the women’s health community about who "owns" the pregnancy and postnatal exercise domain; physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, or fitness professionals.  I spoke about this recently when I was invited on the Pelvic Health Podcast to discuss this very topic.  Having both an exercise physiology degree and physiotherapy degree I'm on the fence.  I don't believe there needs to be ownership.  Life is about working together, collaborating, sharing ideas and resources for the betterment of our community.  Isn't that the best outcome?  No more "who should be doing this work" but rather, working together in a multidisciplinary team to provide the best possible care for women.  That's my passion and that's what I'll continue to debate in my profession.” ~ Paula. When you speak the same language as someone, share the same beliefs you need to build on that relationship, working #together and as Paula said, it is for the betterment of our community. That’s YOU Mama reading this and we’re all in this Motherhood journey together. Much love, Rachel xx

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