P A R K 


Are you a mum who is looking to return to exercise, 

which may be weeks or years after giving birth?

Make time for you...

We offer group fitness fun (kids welcome)

Suitable for all mums from 6 weeks post-birth

(must be cleared by Doctor) to years into motherhood.



A jammed packed 60 minute session suitable for

ALL fitness levels, at EVERY stage of Motherhood.

  • A caring, experienced Postnatal Specialist to coach you.

  • Safe and effective exercises for our mum bods.

  • Meet like minded mums with a supportive group of women.

  • Gain strength & fitness - we train for #mumlife!

  • Get stronger each session, reducing back pain and working on our troublesome areas.

  • Check for abdominal separation & receive a pelvic floor induction.

  • Leave feeling happier and more energised! You'll love it.

  • We work closely with Women's Health Physios for optimal care.

Session Outline:

  • 20 mins: Active stretching, mobilisations, pelvic floor exercises, core stabilisation, glute & back activations to enhance posture.

  • 30 mins: Functional strength & cardio.

  • 10 mins: Stretch & cool down to leave feeling calm and relaxed.



  • Facebook Online community. 

  • Casual Saturday sessions, coffee dates, nights out & events.

  • Support a Small Business.

  • Welcome pack.

  • ​Heaps of fun!

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Little Mountain Common

Raintree Blvd, Little Mountain


Monday & Wednesday's @ 9.15am

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After confirming your session...
When you have confirmed your session with us, you will be contacted by Rachel to have a chat!
This will enable us to get an understanding of your current situation and give us the opportunity to explain everything you need to know.

Before you commence your session in the park, we check for diastasis recti (abdominal separation) to ensure we are confident, you are prescribed with the appropriate exercises, as well as a pelvic floor, core connection induction.


On arrival at the park...
Look out for the Mamas Journeys flag! You won't miss us and get ready to be greeted with a big smile. Children are welcome from new born age to pre-schoolers, to come and hang out while mum exercises. We are flexible in our classes and just want our mums and kiddies to be happy. 

Our fitness sessions...
Having a chat prior to commencing the session really helps us understand each of our mums. Therefore enabling us to adapt the exercises we offer in our group training with very much an individual feel.

The exercises will include a combination of functional strength training and cardio, ensuring the exercises are gentle on the pelvic floor, while restoring core strength and enhancing posture. Once we are confident your body is restoring on the inside, you will be able to increase the intensity of your workout and week on week, will begin noticing a difference in your overall well-being. 

"Making a decision is the

first step towards change."