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You might be hitting this page for the first time so thanks for ​coming to check it out. My name is Rach, your down to earth, real life mum and Postnatal Specialist. Simply click on the guides to download. 


If you'd like to feel confident performing exercises appropriate for your body then look no further! Here you will find 8 achievable exercise sessions to do from the comfort of your own home. With a variety of levels to take your pick! Including a specific core stability session suitable for mums with abdominal separation. Offering different intensities, all having a pelvic floor focus and working on strength and fitness so you have more energy and feel stronger!


It's a bit unknown knowing when the right time to start running is after having a baby. Download our load and impact management assessment so you can give yourself a self check at home to see if you are ready to run!



Hope you find them useful! Take care,


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