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 6 week Menu

to excel your


Experience the difference

 with the most effective exercises, to create an incredible figure. This program uses the exact training regime I used from home, to create a strong and sexy physique that you will be proud of.

Get the body you want with our brand new signature program to refine your waist and firm your bum.

It doesn’t matter how far postnatal you are,

my expertise lies in group training where I have various ages and stages of women who train together. Every single exercise is scalable so you don’t have to worry about something being too hard or not challenging enough for your body. 

Back Yourself with a tribe of Mamas!

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You will be educated. There is so much conflicting information on what is ‘safe’ and what isn’t. As far as I am concerned we need to change the narrative because quite frankly there is no unsafe exercise, you just need to know the right way to do it that is appropriate for you.

Our body changes after having a baby but why not make it change for the better? We don’t have to dislike our body to want to change it, we can love it and still want to make changes. I was so over doing high intensity interval training, either leaking or getting a sore back so I knew I had to switch it up. Not once during this program did I leak and my lower back is now pain free, so I can carry my 4 year old with ease and play with her like I’m a kid again.  

We target the glutes every session as it’s the largest muscle in the body, hitting them at every angle to be confident we are creating a perfect peach. This is a bonus to our pelvic floor too, as a healthy pelvic floor requires supple and strong glutes so they work well together. Weak glutes can link to poor pelvic health and nobody wants that!


visible changes can happen within 2 weeks!

There’s no fuss or fancy exercises, just a plan that works and I’ve worn the t-shirt. 


Like anything it’s only as hard as you make it.

If you follow it exactly the way it is, then yes, and you will notice distinct changes with fat loss and muscle gain.

I encourage you to learn what your capabilities are and push yourself if you know you can.

The results will be amazing if you are willing to commit, believe in yourself and put in the hard work. 

Making the decision is the hardest step of all.

I get it. It’s going to take time,

time out of your already busy schedule, that you probably feel you don’t have. 

Being a single mum myself living in Australia, from the UK with no immediate

family support is hard! But you know what? Hard doesn't mean impossible. 

So ask yourself;

How important is it for you to feel fit, strong and have a figure you feel confident with?


If you decide you want to feel good about yourself I am here to help and will be there every step of the way. Not to mention your biggest fan in the process. 

There is no magic pill for a quick fix, although I have discovered a magic formula which will transform your post baby body.

Image by Kelly Sikkema

The Magic Formula


4 x Sessions per week + Bonus Butt day


Sculpting our bum in each session


Low Intensity

Steady State cardio. 


No high impact with achievable daily goals


Mamas Menu

No thinking required and compliments your training.  

Endorsed by 

Women's Health Physio

Paula Hindle

The training program is endorsed by Paula Hindle, one of our go to Women's Heath Physios. Paula has a Masters in Physiotherapy, Bachelor of Exercise Physiology and her specialty is supporting women in their return to exercise and sport postnatally. AKA she knows her stuff!


You will be learning about your pelvic health and

over the next 6 weeks transform your core stability and glutes.



Whether you’re a seasoned or new mum, stay at home or working mum 

Next level

Super mum


It’s a state of mind and the struggles you encounter will give you more strength. Stronger mind = stronger body. You will schedule in your sessions to meet the demands of your own day, you are in control. Cardio is programmed every day as a way to increase your metabolism, completely low impact which delivers phenomenal results. Every single exercise has a tutorial explaining the movement pattern with a postnatal body being front of mind.

Soaring energy levels

Complete with a menu for the entire duration, absolutely jam packed with protein, you are going to be eating to fuel your body and mood.

Easy to read and simple to follow, it has been well thought out and planned for taste, without a million ingredients making your grocery shopping a  seamless experience.

PLUS a heap of information so you understand

WHY you may be doing something a certain way to eliminate any uncertainty or doubt.

While you’re backing yourself, I’m backing YOU

We wear many hats being a mum and the reality is we are constantly juggling different balls and sometimes one does get dropped. Mums just get each other and I always say a mum needs a fellow mum. With our online community not only will you have me, you’ll have everyone else who is on the same journey as you, striving to better themselves.

Stay on track and keep moving forward

At the beginning of the program it is important you set yourself a goal to reach and I will coach you through this, along with any limiting beliefs you may have. Through a mini series of masterclasses with simple strategies and an opportunity to ask any specific questions as you progress. You really do have the power to change your own story and I want to be there with you in every chapter.       

We are all in this together.

Taking the first step is hard and making the decision is even harder. The plan is right here waiting and I know it works because I have tried and tested the exact one!


In 2016 I had my daughter and my once upon a time peachy bum, changed somewhat. It had decided to travel south and I just accepted that was the way it was now because I’d had a child. Of course our body changes, gosh, we have just grown and birthed another human and body acceptance is huge in this process. But after 4 years I challenged my own way of thinking, why should  we just accept that this is the way it is now because we have given birth or we are getting older? We shouldn’t! So I designed a plan and you’re looking at it.

What you get

  • 6 week training program - 4 x sessions per week + bonus butt day with exercise tutorial videos

  • Mamas Menu - simple recipes where you can change quantities to cater for the whole family if desired

  • Masterclass mini series - believe in yourself and reignite your way of thinking

  • Team of health pros - working alongside some of the best in women's health, you’re covered




It’s time to be brave and invest in yourself for an extremely low cost one off payment of just


Image by Ambitious Creative Co.  - Rick

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m only 6 weeks postnatal, is it too soon?

Not at all! As long as you have been cleared to exercise from your Doctor and feel ready to start exercising this program will help you get started in the best possible way.

What if I had a C-section?

If you’ve had a cesarean section and are healing well, have no pain in your scar site and been cleared by your Doctor, then you will be ok to ease yourself into our program.

Is this program suitable if I have abdominal separation?

Yes, with this program primarily being glute focused we won’t be performing any specific abdominal exercises. However abdominals will still be working as the secondary muscle group and in the program you will learn about core connection. With it being specifically designed for postnatal women, this is always taken into consideration and modifications provided.

Is this program suitable if I have a weak pelvic floor or prolapse?

Absolutely. The glutes have a very close relationship with your pelvic floor so by having strong, supple gutes, your pelvic floor health may improve as well.

Will it matter if I am breastfeeding?

No you can still use this program if you are breastfeeding, we have included a bonus guide with added nutritional info so your body gets what it needs.

I’m not a mum - does that matter?

No way! This program caters to ALL women.

Do I need equipment?

You can perform nearly all of the exercises with just body weight, however we do recommend you have resistance bands to enhance your results.

Does the menu cater for specific dietary requirements?

All of the meals can be made gluten free and if there is anything on the menu that you cannot eat, we have a facebook group where we can advise of a replacement.

When will I receive the program?

Straight away! As soon as we have received your payment from purchase you will receive a digital download to access.

let your determination break through any fears


  • Instantly gain access to the full digital program 

  • Join our FB Back Yourself Community, a safe space to gain perspective

  • Establish and act towards smashing goals

  • Gain a deeper level of learning about your own body

  • Support from your own postnatal coach

  • Lifetime access to the downloadable PDF training and meals

Make the commitment to yourself and gain instant access

Need help or

have any questions?