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Since having my daughter I discovered this insane

passion to learn as much as I could about returning to exercise after having a baby. From my own experience having incontinence due to pelvic floor dysfunction and an exercise induced prolapse, I figured I mustn’t be the only one with so much uncertainty.​

"This wasn’t something I was prepared for and I didn’t know the risks that were involved."



You don’t know what you don’t know right? I just remember feeling upset, frustrated and impatient with the process, just wanting to run without leaking or feeling like my insides would fall out. Being symptomatic sucks but at least I have the warning signs, many women don’t and wouldn’t even know. Having this experience has given me so much more love and respect for my body, I know what it is capable of and just because one exercise may not be right for me, doesn’t mean it’s not right for you. That is ultimately what Mamas Journeys offers, scalable fitness sessions to cater for everyone from the complete beginner to an avid gym goer, no matter how far postnatal.

Womens PT

The Roller Coaster Ride of Motherhood

Postnatal Expert

When I’m not talking about tummies, vaginas or butts my life involves one special little lady. The girl who tipped my world upside down, spun me around and placed me back on my feet again. She certainly came into this world for a reason and teaches me every single day.


My values in life are growth and connection, which can sometimes be in conflict when thinking about them from a work and then family perspective. I’ve learned my daughter is my spiritual grounder, she always brings me back down to earth and reminds me what is truly important in this thing called life. Family is everything.


The Elusive Balance

Since becoming a mum I have had to pivot a lot and one day may even write my own book! I’m loving the chapter I am in at the moment. Can we really have it all? Yes we can ladies! 

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Safe return to exercise for mums

Let me introduce you to our team!

Emma Puliuvea ECVA East Coast Virtual Assistance

Emma Puliuvea

My right hand woman, the girl behind the scenes keeping me in check and also a mum to 2 beautiful children.

Nanny Service

Our Nannies

For our local park group sessions, we have experienced Nannies to care for the kiddies. All with First Aid and Working With Children Police Checks.

Paula Womens Healthy Physio

Womens Health Physios

The eyes on the inside! We work closely with a number of pelvic physios creating a collaborative approach for the most optimal care possible.

Body Beyond Baby Affiliate

Body Beyond Baby

Our Affiliate team are trusted & accredited fitness businesses all sharing the same passion, where we uphold best-practice to service our mums.

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