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"Our programs are created
for mums who want to make changes 
to design their best body & mind."

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Hey there!

My name is Rach and I’m so glad you stopped by. Since having my daughter I discovered this insane passion to learn as much as I could about returning to exercise after having a baby. From my own experience having incontinence due to pelvic floor dysfunction and an exercise induced prolapse, I figured I mustn’t be the only one with so much uncertainty.

"There is no such thing as an

unsafe exercise, you just need

to know how to adapt".

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At all stages of their postnatal fitness journey who have a desire to prioritise themselves. Navigating the way through education so you can make informed choices for your own body and connection where you meet other mums who are dealing with the same concerns.

Let’s look after YOU!

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Women's Personal Trainer

How we can help

It doesn’t matter how far postnatal you are, my experience lies in group training where I coach various ages and stages of women. Every single exercise is scalable and can be tailored for each individual.

That's what makes Mamas Journeys different. We genuinely care that you are exercising appropriately for your body, yet still challenged enough to see results. The support you receive ensures you get the most from

our programs based on your goals.

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Mel K

Mel K

Rach is extremely knowledgeable in exercising safely post baby and has a varied range of appropriate postnatal exercises to suit all mums.

Amanda B

Amanda B

I love training with Mamas Journeys, Rach supports you on your individual postnatal journey to become a stronger and fitter person.

Lauren H

Lauren H

Rach is amazing, she helped ease me back into exercise and get back my confidence. A bonus is the supportive community she has created.

Libby C

Libby C

I can't recommend Mamas Journeys enough. As someone who had not made myself or my health a priority for years I was scared to 'just start' and I am so pleased I did with Rach.





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